Cold Turkey

Laying off social media is a bit harder than I imagined. I like instant gratification. You do, too. But I must balance that with embarrassing my children with my ravings, there for all to see. My lunacy, served upon a platter.

I’m not even sure I like blogging anymore. I have nothing pertinent to say. I should probably just keep a diary. No readers, instructions to my kids to burn upon reading.


  1. Weird, it gives me the option of commenting as "Unknown (Google)" or "select profile," but the latter does nothing. Anyway, I linked this on the totally fallow Accidental Verbosity months ago when you first set it up and threatened to do this, so now it gives me another link off that blogroll to follow almost daily with an expectation of content. Yay! FB co-opted the best part of blogging back in the heyday for me: Circles of blogger friends who read and commented on each other's posts. The more I think that, under one profile or another, few people read what I say on FB, the more inclined I am to start posting on one or more of my several blogs, or a new one entirely. Same goes for having to be careful what I might say, given the audience, though blog posts have created more trouble for me than social media ever has, including the time it wasn't unreasonable to fear for my safety. Anyway, you'll have at least one relatively regular visitor here.

  2. Just Xerox the juicy diary entries and send it sailing through the living room window with the usual gin bottle.

  3. Hey, you should post here if you aren't on FB.

  4. He might could be on FB if not for you.


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