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Enough politics. Velociworld was where I got away from that filth. I prefer my filth of the anecdotal and sexual varieties. I saw English Beat at Lakewood Amphitheater a few years back. Worst sound system ever. I think they packed their amps in their overhead baggage. Dave Wakeling but no Rankin' Roger. He was touring England as The Beat. But it was my first opportunity to let my daughter catch a contact high from the dirty hippies on the grassy knoll behind us. That's bonding.
Okay, I'll calm down. But here's the rub: there is always a progressive who thinks they have a better use of your wallet than you do. Their fond fetishes. Well, fuck that. Leave people alone. They aren't idiots. Wealth, value, coin of the realm will seek its own equilibrium. Water seeks its level. There is always the possibility you idiots don't know shit. Leave people alone and they will surprise you.
Here's a thing: I have opinions. Some are grounded in rationality. Some are completely opinionated. It doesn't matter. They're mine. And I covet them. Engage at will. Do not expect kind words. I grind my teeth when I sleep. I also hump things if they're around. Now! We're on the same page.
Let me share something with you. There are those who do's, and those who don'ts. I spent decades being one who do's, now I don'ts. That's a failure on my part. But once you realize the world is a fucking clip joint, a shake down palace, you don't do's too much anymore. There are a bunch of screwheads running this place. The gin is watered down, the crackers are stale. They're progressives, too. They want the least salutary thing you have to offer. Then they want to fuck it, and give it back to you in watery fashion. All they have to offer. Beware these people. They want your pocketbook, and if your soul is there they'll devour that, too. Thus spracht Velociman.
Alright, pukes. V-Man is back. And you've let me down. Pissed me off. I have zero underwear in my mailbox. We shall fix these things. One strop at a time. If I can migrate the olde things I will. Otherwise, it is what it is.